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About Us

Are you ready to grow your impact in the world? 

We are a team supporting men in their expansion. Alchemist, Opera Singer and Voice Specialist, Hypnotherapist, NLP and Reiki practioners, Corporate Career Expert, Executive Coaches, Artists and Shaman.  We believe that you can get extraordinary results without having to go to the jungles of South America. We have over 100+years of experience and have clients from around the world. 

WE LIVE and BREATHE authenticity so that you can do the same!! We are here to create wealth for our clients in order to create an impact in the world and serve communities that need US to show up and be SEEN!  

We are trauma informed. We are ready to support you in all areas of your relationships, growth and abundance!!

Why You Should Join Us

Access to Free Courses by your hosts that have been created over years of experience. We have a community that is diverse. Alchemists, singers, coaches, hypnosis, NLP practioners, visionaries, corporate executives, lawyers, 

Be seen, heard, and respected in a community that accepts your potent Masculinity.

Improve your mental prowess and feel your distinguished bravery by overcoming complex situations. Learn new strategies to deal with REAL life stuff. 

Connect with energy, movement, song, voice, somatic healing, and nature to allow your own authenticity to come out! The rewards are exponential and the results are quick.

Are you here to grow your impact in the world?

A Big Thanks

We have a lot of support. It has taken many mentors, coaches, and friends to create this community.